The innovation

Experience in equipment for professional kitchens applied to the home.


TECHFROST has worked in years on new professional equipment to be insered in the domestic kitchen area.
The mission of the HOME LINE is to put on disposal of all the Kitchen lovers the technologies that until now were prerogative of the big restaurant’s chefs. Today we can find quality product everywhere, we use kitchen robot , induction hobs, steam ovens, technological cupboards and many other things, becoming able to reply the great chefs’s dishes.
Now we can add, thanks to TECHFROST, the appliance that saves our work from bacterical contamination and ageing, the rapid temperature blast chiller.
Our goal is guaranteeing the functionalities of machines built for great professional Kitchens but dimensioned to be insered in domestical Kitchens, with a particular attention to design per abbinarsi agli other technological components found in your houses today
There is an increasingly attention in our homes to the use of blast chilling and to the multiple opportunities with this technology.

With a Blast Chiller we can:

  • Quickly chill, avoiding the bacterical contamination che agisce da +65°C a +3°C
  • Freeze every warm food, guaranteeing the creation of microcrystals that avoid the wreckage of the cells
  • Freeze the fresh products, preserving the organoleptic characteristics of the food
  • Prepare desserts, single portions, sorbets, ect.
  • Rationalise the preparing intervals of meals with the possibility of preparing dishes in advance
  • Avoid food waste
  • Economise on purchases of seasonal and fresh local products
  • Quikly chill wine bottles or beverages
  • Increase the quality of cooling cycles with core probe


The product range, with BUILT IN versions FREE STANDING versions is made of four models that for dimensions and design are able to satisfy every need of space and style.

  • The 4.5 model to be built-in in Kitchens with COMPACT appliances - 450 mm height
  • The 6.0 model to be built-in in Kitchens with STANDARD appliances - 600 mm height
  • The FREE STANDING par excellence: the 888 model (even in BUILT IN version). Dimensions, performances, design, electronics: all those characteristics make a perfect appliance out of it
  • The Classic of TECHFROST:
    The Blast Freezer/Blast Chiller JOF 23. Professional... but adapt to be positioned everywhere for his small dimensions.


Compact 4.5 Compact 6.0 888 Free Standing JOF-23
compact-6.0 compact-6.0 888-free-standing JOF-23